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This blog is a collection of thoughts, experiences and tips, the only common theme is that they are in some way related to gardening.

I started gardening with my father when I was in my early teens. Since then I have accumulated a mass of knowledge and some skills. While my company provides gardening services to home owners throughout the UK I am also very keen that you all get out into the garden. Experience for yourselves the satisfaction that can be had from a well tended and beautiful garden.

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This is not intended to be one way communication. Please feel free to comment, add any tips that you want to share and generally use this blog as a resource for all your gardening knowledge. OK, so lets get out there and garden! Enjoy.

Best regards

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Recent Posts

May Gardening Activity

DiggingAt last the weather has improved and the sun has some real warmth to it, its great to be outside breathing the warm air scented with the smells of spring. Shame about the endless drone of the lawnmowers but hey, you win some you lose some.

What Should We Be Doing?

Its a busy time and there’s plenty to do so in no particular order of importance:

Go over your lawn looking for daisies and dandelions that are beginning to grow and dig them out.

Check your composting bin – if you have one – we want to recycle as much of the garden and kitchen waste as possible.

Plant out any container grown roses and shrubs.

Tie-up new growth of any climbing plants.

Fork compost into your flower beds to prepare them for summer bedding.

Sow seeds of the following: beetroot, lettuce, salad leaves, watercress and rocket.

Open up the greenhouse and ensure the temperature controls are working. Bring your strawberries in there while you are at it.

So that little lot should keep you out in the fresh air for a while, more to come later in the month, until then; have fun  out there.

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