Interesting Article in Daily Mail – no really!

Daylight shrubbery is the title and it details the problems caused by unqualified or downright criminal people putting themselves forward as gardeners.

“An increasing number of householders are being ripped off by cowboy gardeners, who knock on doors promising a green-fingered makeover but leave trees, plants and lawns looking worse than before. Trading standards officers have reported a surge in cases of what has been dubbed ‘daylight shrubbery’.

The article can be found here.

It raises a number of issues not least that gardeners should be regulated using a licensing scheme – that will be interesting, watch this space.

This of course is not the first time this subject has received newspaper coverage. The Daily Telegraph ran this piece in early November quoting the same sources. Interestingly the number of complaints for Oxfordshire was 87, I wonder how many other people felt badly treated but did not complain?

(image courtesy The Jolly Roger – visit their website)