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Hemsley Gardening provides tailored gardening service packages to customers throughout the UK. From a simple, lawn care and cutting service to an all inclusive garden maintenance contract; we provide high quality and reliable services that our clients come back for year after year.

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Pruning is the selective removal of parts of a plant or tree. The reasons for pruning include deadwood removal, shaping and improving the health of the plant.

Specialised Pruning

Specialised pruning practises are applied to certain plants such as Roses and fruit trees. These practises are about targeted removal of damaged, dead or less productive material with the explicit aim of increasing the yield of flowers or fruit.

General Pruning

Generalised pruning is used to control or bring-on all manner or plants and trees. Dead-wooding is a common practise used on trees particularly those bordering public areas. Other pruning practises are used to shape a plant during its early years or reduce the height or spread of trees.

Pruning All Year Round

When you prune is defined by your pruning objective and the type of plant you are working with. Hemsley Gardening will advise you and of course provide a cost effective pruning service. So whatever your ambitions contact us for a no obligation chat.

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