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Hemsley Gardening provides tailored gardening service packages to customers throughout the UK. From a simple, lawn care and cutting service to an all inclusive garden maintenance contract; we provide high quality and reliable services that our clients come back for year after year.

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Weeding and Weed Control

Weeds are unsightly and often poisonous, have thorns or other damaging parts and interfere with desirable plants.

How Weeds Spread

Knowing how weeds spread and germinate is essential when considering how you control them. Some weeds propagate producing huge numbers of seeds all year round. Other weeds put down thick roots and regrow from any piece left in the ground. There are also weeds that spread above or below the ground using runners; bramble and nettles being familiar examples.

Weed Control

For the domestic gardener there are two methods of controlling weeds, mechanical and chemical. Mechanical methods involve pulling or digging up the weed, cutting back its growth or depriving it of light. Chemical methods can be either organic such as boiling water and vinegar or using herbicides.

Keeping Your Garden Weed Free

To help keep your garden weed free, Hemsley Gardening offers a number of services: Regular weeding contracts tailored to your needs or maybe a one off visit during early spring might be all you require. Call us now to find out how we might be able to help you.